Continuous Compliance & Assurance

Continuous Compliance & Assurance

Why It's Important

Effective management of security and regulatory compliance is not static, a point in time validation, or a checkbox. It is dynamic, costly and no longer a good option. With a Point-In-Time audit approach, critical tasks are ignored and evidence is not produced the moment the last auditor completed the audit and organizations are found scrambling around for weeks or months leading to the next one preparing the necessary audit documentation.

How We Can Help

We understand the danger of Point-In-Time audits leaving organizations exposed through undetected and uncorrected failed controls between audit cycles. CompliancePoint’s Continuous Compliance and Assurance Program addresses these issues on an ongoing basis.

Let us help you avoid the unnecessary and costly scrambling by keeping you in compliance supported by the necessary evidence on an ongoing basis.

The Continuous Compliance & Assurance Program does the following:

  • Addresses key organizational issues including the need to identify and define compliance control objectives pertinent to the organization
  • Enables companies to assign ownership of specific compliance control activities to create accountability
  • Facilitates the ability to schedule, monitor and receive alerts on a company's compliance activities and status
  • Collects and generates the evidence required to prove compliance and provide assurance
  • Validates compliance in real-time on an ongoing basis

To support our Continuous Compliance & Assurance program, we use OnePoint. OnePoint is designed to help organizations practically and powerfully manage critical privacy, security and compliance activities. Learn More >>

Our Areas of Expertise

Our assessors and consultants are experts in the focus areas as they pertain to information security and protecting data assets.

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