Graduate Placement Requirements

Graduate Placement Requirements


There are a variety of factors that may impact a school’s need or desire to verify placement rates through a third party - to gain peace of mind, it is mandated by a regulatory agency, or it is required for accreditation purposes.

Specifically, many accreditors such ACICS, ACCSC, ABHES, regional accreditors, and other programmatic accreditors require placement verification, and may even require or prefer the verification to be conducted by an independent third party verifier. Further, schools may seek to mitigate the potential for any misrepresentation issues and accusations of deceptive practices that come into play when presenting placement rates to prospective students.

Some graduate placement requirements include the following:

  • Verify placement data provided to prospective students
  • Ensure placements are in jobs within the program of study
  • Verify days of work and payment are sufficient for placement
  • Have a formal process in place for obtaining graduate salary information
  • Improve the quality of data on graduates and employment
  • Maintain records of each verified record

Potential Risks

With the active regulatory environment surrounding career colleges and private sector schools, it is ever important for schools to ensure their placement data is accurate. Inaccurate placement data brings threat of loss of accreditation, financial penalties levied by regulatory bodies, and even the possibility of PR damage to your school. The effects of negative publicity can be worse for a company long-term than the fine.

How We Can Help

Our experts and placement verifiers understand the impact these requirements can have on your career services and or internal verification team. We will bring the manpower and procedural expertise to your school regarding these issues.

Failure to comply with relevant requirements can have a devastating impact on your school. Don't take chances - let our experts help! CompliancePoint has a variety of services that you can leverage to meet your placement needs.

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