I’m a Woman in Cybersecurity: A Marketer’s Story

Before I worked in the cybersecurity industry, I would have described the space as a bit scary, very technical and somewhat out of reach. Cybersecurity has not always been a popular topic for marketers or at least not in the professional environments I have been exposed to. However, it has become an industry that many, like myself, can’t imagine leaving.

My First Step Toward a Cybersecurity

Career: Technical Writing I started my career as a technical writer in the consulting division of Deloitte, assisting various teams in responding to RFPs, writing reports and working on both internal and external communication efforts.

From there, I moved through marketing jobs at the San Diego Business Journal, a division of the Hearst Corporation and eventually landed in the technology sector which led me to my position here at CompliancePoint.

CompliancePoint is a leading provider of information security & risk management services focused on privacy, data security, compliance and vendor risk management. Our mission is to help our clients interact responsibly with their customers and the marketplace.

I serve as the Head of Marketing, leading our efforts to convey to the world our depth and breadth of data security expertise and problem solving approach in assisting organizations looking to strengthen both their security framework and operational approach to responsible data stewardship.

When we, as consumers, elect to share our personal information with organizations we do business with, we expect those businesses to responsibly process and protect that data. My experience here at CompliancePoint, has taught me that some businesses take that responsibility more seriously than others. Weak security practices and procedures can stem from a number of situations including lack of resources, lack of best practice knowledge and sometimes-simple negligence.

At CompliancePoint, we have made it our mission to guide organizations to more secure and responsible positions and practices with the precious PII data that they process and store. Our team of experts is talented, hard-working, and firmly committed to adding value to every client we engage with. As a marketer, you can’t ask for more than that. When we send communication and information out into the marketplace seeking new prospects, it feels great to know those who enlist our services will receive the best the industry has to offer.

What Lead Me Here

Although I did not set out originally with the intent to work in the cybersecurity industry, my position here at CompliancePoint, is in many ways, the accumulation my past experiences and insights gained along the way.

What I love most about this industry is that I get to be part of an organization whose mission is to help companies reach the next level of responsible data stewardship, protecting their brand integrity, the privacy of the consumers who choose to engage with them, and the vendors they contract with.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where corporate irresponsibility is not uncommon as is evidenced by the frequent data security breach and ransomware scandals we see almost daily on the news. CompliancePoint is privileged to work with companies looking to be good corporate citizens by strengthening their data privacy and security frameworks and operating as responsibly and securely as possible.

To The Women Not Yet in Cybersecurity

My advice to other women who may be interested in the cybersecurity sector is to not be afraid to try new things or venture outside of your comfort zone. It is motivating and rewarding to be part of not only a quality organization, but a critical movement towards stronger consumer rights and a greater awareness of the importance of protecting personal data so that we call can feel safe online and enjoy our digital lives more fully.

Holly Avila currently serves as the Head of Marketing for CompliancePoint, a leading information security and risk management consultancy focused on privacy, security, compliance and vendor risk management. While firmly rooted in solid Marketing fundamentals, Holly is a committed life-long learner on a continual quest for new ideas, techniques and insights into ways to support and understand the buyer journey.

Finding a credible expert with the appropriate background, expertise, and credentials can be difficult. CompliancePoint is here to help.