Placement Verification

Placement Verification

Why It's Important

With the active regulatory environment surrounding career colleges and private sector schools, it is important for schools to ensure their placement data is accurate. The media has focused light on the financial and PR damage that can result from reporting inaccurate placement rates.

Many accreditors such ACICS, ACCSC, ABHES, regional accreditors, and other programmatic accreditors require or prefer placement verification conducted by an independent third party verifier. A formal third party placement verification program can provide schools with confidence in the data they report while also demonstrating their efforts to comply.

How We Can Help

CompliancePoint's placement verification service ensures that all graduate placements are verified. We work with some of the most recognized private sector schools including more than 90 schools and 800 campuses across the country, including dozens of ACICS and ACCSC accredited schools. Further, CompliancePoint meets ALL of ACCSC's requirements for an "Independent" Third Party.

Our experienced verifiers take the tedious work off your Career Services team’s hands to accurately verify your graduates' employment, job duties, and salary information. We verify that graduates listed as placed by your school have truly been placed in a job that meets your school's placement requirements. Further, our team will collaborate with your Career Services department to close any gaps in information identified.

Our Placement Verification program includes the following benefits:

Accreditor's Requirements and Standards

Our program can be customized to meet any accreditor's requirements and standards including ACICS, ACCSC, ABHES, regional accreditors, and programmatic accreditors. We work with your school to develop a customized communications plan, including how many attempts should be made to verify a graduate's placement.

Placement Audits

If your school is under pressure from an accreditor or a regulator, our placement verifiers can audit your historical placement records. CompliancePoint also conducts placement audits for schools that are required to report placement rates to state agencies.

Automated Data Exchange

CompliancePoint will work with your school to automate the exchange of placement data and the results of our placement verification efforts. Our team can support nearly any data format and student management system. This will allow your team to focus on working with students and graduates instead of worrying about data imports and exports.

Client Portal

Our client portal allows your team to monitor the real-time status of your placement verification program. A variety of reports are available at the click of a button, and our portal allows your team to check the status of any placement(s), at any time! You will see the placement information that your school sent to CompliancePoint, the placement information we obtained, and our placement auditors’ determination regarding that placement. Our portal also allows your team to provide supplemental information such as emails from employers/graduates, release forms, and graduate attestations.

Record Keeping

All records of placements and verifications will be accessible, reported, and delivered back to your school. Further, all graduate and employer communications are recorded so that you have supporting evidence in the event that your school's placement results are audited by a government or accrediting body.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our assessors and consultants are experts in the focus areas as they pertain to the graduate placement requirements.
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