CompliancePoint Launches Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Service To Improve Security and Management Of Mobile Devices

ATLANTA, GA - August 21, 2013 - CompliancePoint, an information security consulting and services provider, announces the launch of its Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Service that provides organizations with improved security and management of mobile devices, including for those employees who bring their own mobile devices to work.

Research shows that the trend of allowing employees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is booming, with nearly 95% of organizations allowing employees to bring mobile devices to connect with the company’s networks and applications. While the ability to access critical business information and to store the data on these mobile devices is helpful to the employee, it presents a significant security threat to the organization.

The result of the growth of BYOD means that organizations need to take precautions to ensure the security of their corporate networks as well as to protect sensitive data including credit card information, personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, or protected health information.

CompliancePoint's Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Service addresses these issues and enables organizations to protect against a security breach. The Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Service incorporates these capabilities:

  • Vulnerability Scan
    Detects known vulnerabilities in the operating system and installed applications
  • Configuration Scan
    Examines the local settings of devices to detect common configuration issues such as password settings, network configuration, running services, anti-malware status and more
  • Mobile Data Discovery
    Enables scans to be configured to search for a wide variety of data such as unencrypted payment card data and personally identifiable information such as social security numbers

"Mobile and BYOD devices are a key potential weakness in protecting an organization from a security breach," explains Jerry Wyble, Vice President and Practice Manager for CompliancePoint's Information Security group. "With the additional of our Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Services, CompliancePoint offers organizations complete end-to-end coverage for vulnerability scanning and reporting."

For more information about the Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Service or other information security services from CompliancePoint, call (855) 670-8780.

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