CompliancePoint Announces Data Discovery Service For Identification Of Sensitive Data In Organizations

ATLANTA, GA – August 27, 2013 – CompliancePoint, an information security consulting and services provider, announces the launch of its Data Discovery Service that identifies sensitive data including credit card information, personally identifiable information such as social security numbers or protected health information (PHI) that resides within an organization. This is a critical first step so that organizations understand what and where sensitive data resides in the organization and how this data needs to be protected from both external and internal breaches.

CompliancePoint’s Data Discovery Service includes a comprehensive range of features that identifies sensitive data that resides on an organization’s networks as well as on mobile and remote devices that are used by company employees. Because today’s organizations rely so heavily on collecting, storing and analyzing data, it is critical to protect this data just like any other corporate asset.

“A data breach is one of the most costly and damaging situations that organizations face,” explains Jerry Wyle, Vice President and Practice Manager for CompliancePoint’s Information Security group. “And, it is not just the threat from high-tech hackers or identity thieves; an employee could lose a computer containing sensitive data while travelling. CompliancePoint specializes in information security assessments including those for PCI and HIPAA compliance. However, that critical first step is to identify the types and locations of sensitive data within the organization. Then we can formulate a plan to protect it.”

Wyble continues, “Our Data Discovery Service is extremely valuable in monitoring the effectiveness of the controls that are put into place to protect this sensitive information. With the addition of our Data Discovery Service, CompliancePoint offers our customers increased visibility and validation that they are effectively protecting sensitive information and meeting the necessary compliance requirements.”

The Data Discovery Service scans all data within the organization including the following:

All files, archives and images
Email and system areas
Enterprise software applications, network applications and cloud-based applications
Data on mobile devices used by company employees
The types of sensitive data that the Data Discovery Service identifies include:

Personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers
Payment card information (PCI)
Protected health information (PHI)
Intellectual Property
Custom Data
The Data Discovery Service provides detailed reports on the specific location of each type of sensitive data and the number of places where the data was found.

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