CompliancePoint Included in Independent Report on Privacy Support Providers

CompliancePoint named among vendors that can help marketers bolster their privacy capabilities

ATLANTA, GA – November 30, 2016 – CompliancePoint, a recognized leader in consulting and audit services for consumer regulatory compliance and information security, announces its inclusion in a report by Forrester Research. Entitled “Vendor Landscape: Privacy-Support Providers for Marketers,” the August 2016 report lists CompliancePoint among privacy service and technology providers Forrester surveyed to identify the offerings that can “help marketers bolster their privacy capabilities.”

CompliancePoint was included among 34 vendors that provide privacy services to marketers. In addition to CompliancePoint, surveyed vendors included Accenture, PwC and KPMG. More specifically, the report lists out its offerings: general privacy management, policy creation and management, privacy by design implementation, and privacy certification.

As global privacy regulations evolve and become more stringent, organizations will need to develop the required policies, procedures, and best practices that accommodate them. The report, authored by Principal Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo, states that just over three-quarters of the vendors in the survey have global privacy expertise and “are likely to have more up-to-date information about new laws… and have a better bead on what other organizations are doing to prepare for these new challenges.”

“Privacy is still an afterthought in most organizations,” writes Khatibloo. “In large part, that’s because marketers 1) don’t understand their new responsibilities and 2) don’t know where to turn for help. Internal resources – like legal or security and risk (S&R) teams – are still often stuck in compliance and risk-mitigation mode because they don’t understand the business drivers behind new marketing tactics. That means marketers may want to look to external resources for guidance…”

“We believe this report validates what our clients already know — the right partner will provide them with the resources and expertise necessary to meet ever-changing global privacy laws,” said Ken Sponsler, SVP and General Manager of CompliancePoint’s Customer Engagement practice. “We are happy to be included in this research addressing the privacy implications of data management and customer communications. We hope it helps organizations better understand how they can find partners like CompliancePoint. We can help identify resource and knowledge gaps, and create a privacy program which doesn’t prevent the achievement of business goals.”

The experts at Forrester Research fielded an online survey to 34 companies, including CompliancePoint, to gather the necessary facts regarding privacy issues marketers face and how to find the right partners who can help.

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