CompliancePoint Issues Broadspire®’s Annual PCI DSS Certification

ATLANTA, GA – October 20, 2016 – CompliancePoint’s Information Security practice group, a provider of information security assessment and compliance services, proudly announces that Broadspire’s Accident & Health (A&H) division maintains its certification status as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. Broadspire is a leading global third-party administrator of claims and medical management services.

Organizations collecting and protecting cardholder data face an array of regulatory challenges. The PCI Security Standards have been mandated by major credit card providers, and is intended to protect cardholder data. The PCI DSS standard requirements impact how organizations manage, transmit, and safeguard payment information and cardholder data.

Broadspire’s A&H division handles accident and affinity claims. Every year, Broadspire A&H undergoes a stringent audit by CompliancePoint, an independent Quality Security Assessor (QSA), to receive the PCI DSS certification. “Broadspire’s PCI DSS certification as a level 1 service provider signifies its adherence to rigorous data security standards for the protection of sensitive consumer data it handles on behalf of its clients,” states Greg Sparrow, Vice President & General Manager of CompliancePoint’s Information Security practice group.

“The risk this certification mitigates is enormous because of the sensitivity of the data we manage on behalf of our clients,” said Ken Tolson, Broadspire’s Senior Vice President of A&H. “Although some companies do not go through this rigorous compliance process, Broadspire A&H is committed to protecting our clients’ sensitive data, which includes their customers’ information as well.”

Credit card fraud has reached an all-time high, and the theft of cardholder data adversely affects the entire payment card ecosystem. CompliancePoint’s PCI DSS certification program helps organizations improve their security controls, protect cardholder data, and increase their credibility within the industry. As a rigorous global standard, PCI DSS compliance helps ensure trustworthy and secure payment card transactions for Broadspire A&H clients and their customers as well.

Let us help you identify any information security risks or compliance gaps that may be threatening your business or its valued data assets. Businesses in every industry face scrutiny for how they handle sensitive data including customer and prospect information.