Rick Stauffer

Chief Operating Officer


Rick joined PossibleNOW as Chief Operations Officer in 2002 bringing extensive management experience in operations, process improvements, and generating business growth. In this role, he oversees the operations of the company and plays a major role in strategic planning, financial planning, and strategic partnerships.

Rick's responsibilities at PossibleNOW have included developing a detailed understanding of the Do Not Call, Do Not E-mail, Do Not Mail, and Do Not Share regulatory environments, and crafting products and processes to provide effective and cost-effective compliance with DNC and telemarketing registration laws to PossibleNOW customers. During his tenure, the company has evolved and refined its data management processes such that the company has achieved zero defect operations. Rick also provides process consulting to PossibleNOW customers.

Prior to joining PossibleNOW, Rick was founder and CEO of a successful Internet entertainment company. Rick has also held executive positions as the chief marketing executive for Intel's Multimedia Products Operation, in corporate planning at GE, and as a strategic planning associate with management consulting firm Booz, Allen and Hamilton. Rick received an MBA from Stanford University and a BSE from Princeton University.

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