TCPA Checklist | A guide to helping your organization measure its compliance posture

A guide to helping your organization measure its TCPA compliance posture.

TCPA Compliance Checklist

  1. Train all telephone agents on their compliance responsibilities prior to engaging with customers
  2. Only call consumers between the hours of 8AM and 9PM according to the consumer’s location
  3. Scrub telephone numbers against the National DNC Registry when no exemption exists
  4. Disclose on calls an agent name, company name, and contact information
  5. Honor all do-not-call requests as soon as possible and keep a centralized list of such requests along with date requests were made
  6. Only use autodialers or prerecorded messages for sales purposes with prior express written consent
  7. Ensure a process exists to honor all revocations of consent when using autodialers or prerecorded messages for informational purposes
  8. When predictively dialing, the abandonment rate for calls answered by a live person shouldn’t exceed 3% in a 30-day period (per campaign)
  9. Include an automated opt-out feature in abandonment messages and prerecorded messages
  10. Monitor and enforce internal (and external 3rd parties) for compliance

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