See the difference OnePoint® delivers for ongoing risk management.

CompliancePoint's OnePoint® technology solution helps organizations practically and powerfully operationalize critical privacy, security and compliance activities within one simple interface. Use OnePoint® to improve visibility and manage risk while reducing the cost, time and effort required to prepare for audits.

Manage Privacy, Security & Compliance
Today, most organizations are required to follow at least one, but more often many, regulations. In addition to legal requirements, many organizations also juggle responsibilities related to industry standards or best practices. This can be daunting and time consuming. OnePoint® enables organizations to implement a unified approach to complying with numerous standards and programs such as HIPAA, PCI, SSAE 16, FISMA, NIST, ISO, Cyber Security Framework, GDPR, and more.

Leverage A Proactive Compliance Model
Do you struggle to achieve critical privacy, security and compliance tasks on an ongoing basis? OnePoint® provides organizations with the right tools and support that go beyond a "point in time" evaluation of compliance. The solution automates critical activities and provides a centralized location for the visibility and monitoring of standards and requirements on an ongoing basis. With OnePoint®, you can save time and money by validating your compliance posture in real-time, all the time.

Simplify Complex Critical Tasks
Do you find it difficult to identify key organizational issues, define control objectives, and validate program status in real-time? OnePoint® simplifies the complexity of critical tasks so you can ease the burden of your efforts and meet audit standards and compliance requirements year-round. You will have the ability to easily define and manage tasks, deadlines and relevant personnel. Benefit from time savings and effectively manage risk by avoiding duplicated efforts and streamlining tasks.

Actively Track & Manage Progress
OnePoint® serves as an easily accessible and centralized tool that provides visibility of the organization's various compliance and security goals that would otherwise be dispersed, disorganized and difficult to track. In today’s complex and evolving regulatory environment, organizations benefit from a centralized solution to manage risk related to privacy, security and compliance. With OnePoint®, you will have the ability to seamlessly prioritize and customize critical tasks and goals at the program level.

Enjoy Intuitive & Responsive Design
With OnePoint®, effective management of security, privacy and compliance tasks has never been easier. Its less technical and more intuitive design focuses on the end-user’s perspective, rather than the auditor's. OnePoint® ensures organizations can easily achieve otherwise complex compliance objectives and achieve accessibility for staff on the go. With OnePoint®, you can validate status in real-time, all the time, from any location or device.

Consult With Seasoned Experts
It can be difficult to keep up with rapidly evolving compliance, security and privacy requirements. As part of CompliancePoint's proprietary Continuous Compliance & Assurance methodology, you can have the expertise you need at your fingertips to address key organizational issues, define critical control objectives, and validate program status. We understand the danger of point-in-time audits leaving organizations exposed through undetected and uncorrected failed controls between audit cycles. Our experts will help you address these issues on an ongoing basis.

OnePoint® helps organizations practically and powerfully operationalize critical privacy, security and compliance activities within one simple interface. Learn how OnePoint® can help you improve visibility and manage risk.

Get effective, ongoing management of critical privacy, security and compliance tasks. See the difference one point delivers.