Take advantage of CompliancePoint's extensive security expertise to enhance your existing security program. We can customize any of our services to meet your organization's needs and requirements. Our Managed Services aim to reduce the cost of security and simplify regulatory compliance.

Why It's Important
Considering the highly publicized major breach incidents, how to detect and prevent data breaches are on the forefront of every organization's Information Security plan. Most organizations do a good job at blocking inbound traffic. However, few are able to properly and effectively monitor, block, or even know what data is leaving their networks.

How We Can Help
Our Managed Security Services can help you reduce the cost of security and simplify regulatory compliance. CompliancePoint's Managed Security Services include the following:

  • Network & Security Monitoring - A disaster or computer virus could cause catastrophic network outages. Effective monitoring is essential to ensure data security and business continuity. Our full range of services helps automate this process.
  • Data Center Operations - Reduce the financial burden of maintaining an in-house data center through our services, handled by industry-certified engineers and technicians. Plus, you get the flexibility to upgrade or expand your services as your business grows.
  • Security Administration - Our certified professionals manage the information security tasks for your enterprise and ensure that appropriate security controls are in place and properly followed.
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing - Our security experts provide ongoing services to identify any vulnerabilities in network devices such as firewalls and then test any identified vulnerabilities.
  • Data Discovery - Our forensics investigations can pinpoint critical data throughout your enterprise, including personally identifiable information and data governed by regulations such as PCI compliance.
  • Wireless Rogue Detection - An unauthorized wireless network can present a security concern. CompliancePoint offers the most advanced and cost-effective tools for wireless rogue detection.

Let us help you identify any information security risks or compliance gaps that may be threatening your business or its valued data assets. Businesses in every industry face scrutiny for how they handle sensitive data including customer and prospect information.