CompliancePoint Partners with Hyperproof to Streamline Security and Compliance Operations for Customers

DULUTH, G.A., Nov. 10, 2022 – CompliancePoint Inc., a leading provider of risk management services focused on privacy, data security, and compliance, announced that it has partnered with Hyperproof, a leading provider of risk management and compliance automation software, to simplify security, risk, and compliance management for its customers. The power of Hyperproof’s automated platform, combined with CompliancePoint’s expertise and experience, will allow organizations to streamline risk management and compliance tasks.

Leveraging Hyperproof’s Audit and Managed Services platform, CompliancePoint will work with customers to automate evidence collection, standardize control activities, monitor and forecast compliance framework progress, map controls across multiple frameworks to avoid duplicating efforts, and more. Preparing for audits and assessments will be much less labor-intensive thanks to Hyperproof’s automated functionality.

The partnership will benefit organizations looking for a “point in time” audit or assessment of their security and compliance, as well as organizations in need of a long-term management service.

“At CompliancePoint, we’re focused on simplifying the management of security posture and compliance programs,” said Greg Sparrow, President of CompliancePoint. “Partnering with Hyperproof allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective risk management over time.”

Templates built into the Hyperproof software make it easier and faster for CompliancePoint customers to achieve and maintain compliance with the following frameworks and regulations: ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, NIST, CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, CMMC, and FedRAMP.

“The combination of Hyperproof’s powerful and intuitive platform and CompliancePoint’s expertise with risk management and data protection delivers ground-breaking efficiencies and automation that streamlines risk and compliance management,” says Craig Unger, CEO and Founder of Hyperproof. “Leveraging the Hyperproof platform frees up CompliancePoint’s time to focus on more strategic activities with their customers — a win-win for all.”

About CompliancePoint

CompliancePoint is a leading provider of risk management services focused on privacy, data security and compliance. Organizations face risks associated with how they engage and collect information from the marketplace, how they process this information internally, and with whom they share information downstream. Our mission is to help our clients interact responsibly with their customers and the marketplace through a full suite of services that help organizations manage and respond effectively to cybersecurity risk. Using our IDENTIFY, MITIGATE & MANAGE approach, we help organizations proactively analyze risk, respond to incidents & breaches, and implement long-term programs to manage and adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. Learn more at 

About Hyperproof

Hyperproof is a security compliance management software company focused on bringing trust to life for its customers. The Hyperproof platform empowers compliance, risk, and security teams to stay on top of all compliance work and continuously manage organizational risks. Hyperproof is disrupting the GRC space by tackling a pressing problem ignored by others: helping compliance pros gain control and effectively manage their ever-growing compliance workload. Industry-leading companies like Motorola, Credit Karma, 3M, Outreach, Instacart, and Fortinet trust Hyperproof to help them manage their security and compliance efforts. Learn more at

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