State Do-Not-Call Lists

Most companies are aware of the National Do-Not-Call list where residents in all fifty (50) states may add their number to combat unwanted telemarketing calls.

But did you know there are eleven (11) states that also have their own “Do Not Call” list? 

These states are:

  1. Colorado
  2. Florida                                
  3. Indiana                               
  4. Louisiana                          
  5. Massachusetts                                    
  6. Missouri                        
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Pennsylvania                 
  9. Tennessee                     
  10. Texas                              
  11. Wyoming                   

When placing non-exempt calls, telemarketers are required to suppress against the applicable state lists in addition to the national DNC list. The costs, update schedules, and available exemptions from the lists vary by state.

Telemarketers calling into any of these eleven states should decide if the states’ DNC lists are applicable or exempt. Not doing so could potentially expose your company to legal exposure as states are more active enforcers than the FTC/FCC. Aside from brand reputation, fines and legal costs can add up quickly!

Bottom Line: If your company is calling into any one of these 11 states, it is important to determine if list purchase is required. The CompliancePoint team is equipped to help with any list purchase if needed. Please contact us at

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