Why We Like CECP

Do you know of any other compliance certifications that would touch on areas of contact center compliance? I work on TCPA issues for my employer, as well as other areas of outbound communications and can’t find anything to fit what I’m looking for.

This is a real question we received from an attendee during one of our recent webinars. It’s also a pretty typical question our consultants are asked.

In response, we recommend the Customer Engagement Compliance Professional (CECP) certification for those seeking a credential focused on outbound, inbound, B2B, and B2C consumer contact activities through phone calls, text messages, email, fax, and social media.

Yes, there are other more broad certifications on the market and our consultants have the highly acclaimed CIPP certification issued by the IAPP. But the reason we each have earned and like the CECP certification so much is that it is the first certification program of its kind that is specifically designed for consumer contact compliance and:

  • Adds value to your organization;
  • Enhances your career;
  • Covers US & Canadian consumer contact rules; and
  • Is relevant to B2C, B2B and sales, service, debt collection and informational communications.

We recommend this certification program to any professional who is involved with or who has responsibility for the planning, implementation or oversight of consumer contact activities.

In the rapidly evolving field of compliance and ethics, CECPs serve as the standard in the customer engagement and consumer engagement compliance industry. Achieving a CECP designation demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of engagement tenets and practices. Whether you are an individual seeking to distinguish yourself from others in your field or an organization looking to demonstrate due diligence and your commitment to compliance, the CECP certification can help you succeed.

Please reach out to Maudree Gardfrey at maudree.gardfrey@paceassociation.com with any questions regarding testing and certification.

For questions regarding consumer contact compliance, feel free to reach out to us at consulting@compliancepoint.com.

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