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Why It's Important
As the number of TCPA lawsuits and regulator investigations continues to skyrocket, call data audits can be extremely beneficial to any party involved in the litigation including federal and state regulators. Post call data audits can provide the evidentiary support necessary to determine the factual history of consumer contact activity including calls, texts, faxes and emails.

How We Can Help
CompliancePoint combines its unmatched expertise, data sources, and technology to evaluate the factual DNC, wireless, text or fax history through audit examination of call data. CompliancePoint is able to efficiently analyze hundreds of millions of rows of data and provide easy to understand reports including trending analysis. These resources and expertise can also help your company identify and prevent risks in call processes and gaps in campaign management.

What Does Data Analysis Do?
Regular data audits can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the number of issues by:

  • Verifying evidence of express written consent
  • Ascertaining whether a phone number is wireless/mobile or landline
  • Verifying the proper use of exemptions
  • Ensuring dials/calls/texts occurred within the grace period
  • Discovering periods or trends of high issue rates
  • Identifying bad records
  • Finding duplicate records

Why is Data Analysis Beneficial?
Just a few of the benefits data audits can offer your company include:

  • Preparing a defense against TCPA or Do Not Call lawsuits
  • Complying with regulatory mandates
  • Realizing problematic campaigns
  • Proving due diligence by monitoring internal call centers and vendors
  • Reducing potential risk of violation and consumer complaints
  • Detecting bad/unreliable data sources
  • Enabling the ability to make adjustments based on any issues discovered

Why CompliancePoint?
CompliancePoint has access to the most comprehensive database of telephone, wireless and do not call data. Our experienced database administrators and analysts can analyze millions of call records in real-time. Few if any, companies can match our comprehensive historical database which can determine the DNC or wireless status of any telephone number from a historical perspective. CompliancePoint also has experienced compliance consultants who can assist with understanding your risk profile and what specific steps can be taken to close those gaps and mitigate risk.

Finding a credible expert with the appropriate background, expertise, and credentials can be difficult. CompliancePoint is here to help.