When engaged as consultants, CompliancePoint LSS provides the strategy, experience, and support to help your legal team at every stage of your case. Our consultants can assist with the development of needed insights and strategy. We’ve developed a unique perspective through our years of experience as consulting experts related to class action litigation issues and TCPA cases. While we are not lawyers, our team has a deep understanding of the prevailing law relevant to established precedent within US Circuit Courts.

Our team has evaluated dozens of technology companies who develop and sell dialing systems, fax tools, telecommunication, and consumer contact communication platforms. CompliancePoint LSS can thoroughly assess these technologies and their specific implementations relevant to your case and can provide critical strategic analysis. Additionally, we can evaluate operational processes, workflows, and documentation to determine whether industry standards and best practices were in place at the relevant time.

We also review contracts and documentation related to third-party providers of contact center and consumer contact communications to evaluate the level of intention to comply with TCPA. The parties may be required to provide clear evidence concerning these issues.

Why CompliancePoint Litigation Support Services?

CompliancePoint LSS provides unmatched compliance expertise, data sources, and technology to evaluate factual DNC, wireless, text and fax history. Our experts then interpret what your data means and determine how to present it effectively in a court of law. Through our access to the most comprehensive historical DNC, telephone & wireless databases, expert tools, and refined processes, we provide irrefutable evidence and expert witness testimony that positions our clients to win their case.

Our ability to provide the most sought-after TCPA Litigation Support Services is backed by 20 years of providing DNC data scrubbing, marketing compliance consulting, and risk management services along with our team of database administrators and the foremost TCPA and privacy experts in the industry.

Finding a credible expert with the appropriate background, expertise, and credentials can be difficult. CompliancePoint is here to help.