Telemarketing Registration 101

Many telemarketing companies placing non-exempt calls are aware of and subscribe to the twelve (12) state “Do Not Call” lists and National Do-Not-Call Registry. 

But you may be surprised to learn there are 34 states, plus the District of Columbia, that have mandatory telemarketing registration requirements separate from the National and state DNC list registrations.

Some examples that determine if telemarketing registration is necessary are: 

  1. What type of product or service you are selling
  2. Prize promotion offering
  3. Who you are calling
  4. Where you are calling

In addition, there are many provisions to obtaining a telemarketing license/permit, such as a bond, registered agent, certificate of authority, agent registrations, officer/owner personal and legal information, and more. As such, legal review is recommended to see if you must register or if you qualify for one of the many registration exemptions available to telephone solicitors.

Telemarketing registration exemptions can include:

  1. Established business relationship
  2. Business to business calls
  3. Publicly traded companies
  4. Face to face meetings
  5. Prior permission or inquiry
  6. Licensed insurance professionals
  7. Inbound calls

Note – these vary by state.

Bottom Line: If your company is calling into a state with a registration requirement (you probably are), it is important to determine if registration is required or if there’s an exemption in place. 

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