Why It's Important
One of the most important aspects of any information security program is the Breach Response plan that outlines how your organization will respond in the event of an incident such as an attack or data breach. Unfortunately, too many companies learn how to respond to an attack only after the incident occurs.

During a breach, time is of the essence. It’s important to identify, contain, and eliminate the threat as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help
Whether your organization lacks a security incident response team or simply wants an experienced third party to review your plans, our experts can help ensure you have the proper processes and procedures in place.

CompliancePoint provides forensic investigations to ensure the appropriate chain of custody was followed and help develop security incident response plans when issues are discovered. Further, our team will provide a findings and progress report as required for PCI compliance.

Our experts help ensure that your response plan includes the following elements:

  • Incident classification system that ranks events in terms of priority of response
  • How to make an initial assessment of the incident
  • Establishing team roles with clearly defined explanations of who is responsible for what a specific item
  • Communication of the incident to appropriate parties including any external agencies
  • Compile and organize documentation on the incident
  • Review of your response to the incident and update any policies, if necessary

Let us help you identify any information security risks or compliance gaps that may be threatening your business or its valued data assets. Businesses in every industry face scrutiny for how they handle sensitive data including customer and prospect information.