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What Current GDPR Fines Mean for US Businesses

By Greg Sparrow

Clearly US businesses are not immune to privacy regulation in Europe. If there was any doubt, look to Google’s fine…

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Google Fined €50 Million for GDPR Violations: What Does This Mean and What to Expect Next?

By Matt Dumiak

What Happened? France’s Supervisory Authority (CNIL) has fined Google $56.8 millions Euros for what the data protection watchdog believes is…

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Arbitration Agreements Help Mitigate Risk of TCPA Class Action Lawsuits

By Paul Gipson

Arbitration agreements can be a powerful weapon to protect against class action lawsuits. An arbitration agreement is a written contract…

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Tis the Season to be… Ripped off

By Bruce Josephs

With the holiday season upon us, most people are enjoying a time of shopping, spending, traveling, family time and overall…

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What do Canada’s New Data Breach Reporting Requirements mean for US-Based Businesses?

By Matt Cagle

On November 1st the data breach reporting requirements under Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) went into effect.…

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Social Bots Assemble in Anticipation for New California Bill: SB 1001

By Brittany Cramer

In our modern world, the validity of ideas, beliefs, and even scientific truths are subject to internet scrutiny. For instance,…

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ICO issues £500,000 fine against Facebook for Cambridge Analytica scandal

By Mackenzie Frerich

To give a little background, in March of this year, an exposé published in the Guardian and New York Times revealed…

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Disaster Recovery – What would you do?

By Bruce Josephs

The recent weather event, Hurricane Florence, that rocked the Carolinas underscored the need for many businesses to evaluate their disaster…

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Mitigate Risk by Providing Call Monitoring Disclosure on All Calls

By Brittany Cramer

It is now highly recommended that a call monitoring disclosure be provided on all inbound and outbound calls that may…

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Social Engineering –  How to Protect Yourself and Your Company

By Bruce Josephs

Social Engineering is a low-tech method used for gaining access to resources whether they are physical, technical, monetary, or informational…

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