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wallet on ground

What To Do About A Lost Wallet – Before and After

By Bruce Josephs

Losing your wallet can be scary and unsettling. Recently I lost my wallet along with cash, credit cards, driver’s license…

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person holding cellphone

South Carolina Caller ID & Scripting Changes

By Paul Gipson

On May 18, 2018, South Carolina passed a new bill, effective immediately, that changes the state’s rules regarding caller identification…

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california consumer privacy act

It Passed: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

By Matt Dumiak

The California Consumer Privacy Act’s (CaCPA) path to legislation was a long and winding road. Beginning its life as a…

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capital building with flag

CCPA meets AB375

By Greg Sparrow

So, the story goes…. while attending a cocktail party in California, a Google employee said the following to Alistair Mactaggart:…

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person looking at laptop

I’m a Woman in Cybersecurity: A Marketer’s Story

By Holly Avila

Before I worked in the cybersecurity industry, I would have describedthe space as a bit scary, very technical and somewhat…

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lady smiling on phone

Outbound Marketing Calls: When to Take the Hint

By Paul Gipson

Currently, U.S. Do Not Call regulations do not explicitly limit the amount of telemarketing calls outbound marketers are allowed to…

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GDPR – Idenfifying your risks

By Michael Kramer

As the GDPR enforcement date is upon us, many companies are shifting into panic mode trying to really understand not…

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man looking out office window


By Jordan Eisner

How does the GDPR compare to IKEA? Well they’re both European for starters, and while IKEA is #trendy, GDPR is…

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man climbing structure

GDPR Workshop Reflections & Takeaways

By Rob Tate

“It was the best of times it was the…” No really – it was great!  What an exciting opportunity we…

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binary code with the word security

The Equifax data breach, PCI, and you

By Gates Marshall

How adhering to PCI-DSS principles could have prevented a data breach The series of breaches recently publicly disclosed by Equifax could…

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